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Zometa is a cancer prescription medication classified as Bisphosphonates used in the treatment of high blood calcium levels (hypercalcemia) that may occur with cancer.

What is Zometa?

Generic Name: zoledronic acid (ZOE le DRON ik AS id)
Brand Names: Zometa

Zometa (zoledronic acid – sometimes called zoledronate) is used in the treatment of high blood levels of calcium caused by cancer (also called hypercalcemia of malignancy).

Uses of Zometa?

  • Multiple myeloma (a type of bone marrow cancer).
  • Bone cancer.
  • high blood levels of calcium

Side effects of Zometa

  • Dizziness.
  • Headache.
  • Tiredness.
  • Flu-like symptoms (such as fever, chills, muscle/joint aches).

Consult your doctor immediately if any side effects occur, worsen, persist or any serious side effects occur.


  • Make sure you are not allergic to Zometa.
  • Tell your doctor about your medical history.
  • Before going under surgery tell your doctor about the medication.
  • Before any vaccination, discuss with your doctor about your medication.
  • In pregnancy, Zometa is not allowed.
  • Breastfeeding not allowed.


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