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WORLD PHARMA NETWORK is the authentic platform to place an order for the medicine which are not available in the Indian Pharmaceutical market.  Technological development gives the opportunity to consult with doctors across the globe through Telemedicine consultation. But patients often face difficulty to get the medicine locally.

Moreover, the increased awareness among researchers, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and the patients about the use of off- label drugs through passing years has opened the scope to explore the gradual scenario of drug use in the treatment of different rare or uncommon diseases. World Health Organization (WHO) categorized some such types of medicines under Orphan drugs, Unlicensed Drugs, or Special drugs. The clinician prescribed the unlicensed medications for benefit of the individual patient. This type of prescription is legally accepted and clinically appropriate when the patient or caregiver is informed accordingly.

In certain cases, the drug may approve in under countries. But the medicines do not get approval by CDSCO due to regulatory issues.  The market demand for such category medicines is increased nowadays because of disease patterns changed with the passing of times because of alteration of lifestyle, increasing stress level, or epidemiological changes.

WORL PHARMA NETWORK also has expertise in exports of generic medicines, cost-effective and innovative Healthcare products.

WORLD PHARMA NETWORK is a bridge between public health demand and unmeet local pharmaceutical market issues. Why choose WORLD PHARMA NETWORK?

  • WORLD PHARMA NETWORK has authentic certifications require to work as a pharma-distributor.
  • The authenticity of the prescription is verified through a specific department.
  • Optimal sourcing of each placed order under WORLD PHARMA NETWORK.
  • Quality assurance professionals of WORLD PHARMA NETWORK ensure the supplied drug quality.
  • The GDP of imported drugs is followed by the country’s specifications.
  • Team of highly qualified pharma professionals and Pharmacists.
  • Expertise in cold chain and supply chain management of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.


Latest Products
We have an ultramodern Pharmacy network to provide you the latest Products and medicines that are not available in the market.
Certified Pharmacist
World Pharma network is a Certified Pharmacy product fulfillment company with services 24X7.
24/7 Customer support
We ensure that our consumers receive the best possible standards of health care customer service 24X7.
Prescription Fulfillment
Our team is committed to fulfilling your medical needs whether it is the equipment of any special medication that is not available in your home country.


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