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Learn more about how we will ship your products using validated boxes and cold chain shipping

Shipment of pharmaceutical products and medical materials is a huge responsibility that cannot be compared with other customer services. Any shipment issue can create a health emergency. To avoid this situation, we follow stringent governmental regulations.

The governmental regulations for the shipment of pharmaceutical products vary depending upon the product comes under which shipping category of a biological product.

We navigate all the logistical challenges and proactively taking actions to resolve the issues related to spoilage, shipping costs control, security maintenance and cold chain compliance, etc.

We are below mentioned steps to time and temperature-sensitive medical shipments for the timely arrival of the product in good condition to our customers.

Select a logistics professional who has extensive healthcare experience

The most critical step is to hire a logistic partner who takes the primary responsibility for shipping the products. We are selective to choose our logistics partner who has experience in the healthcare field and aware of the sensitivity of pharmaceutical and medical shipments.

Healthcare expertise logistic partner is usually relatively costlier at the initial stage but can minimize the risks of pharmaceutical and medical shipments. Thus, in the long run, this decision helps us to avoid costly re-shipments and write-offs, which ultimately balance the expense.

Expertise logistic partners also play an important role in handling cold chain challenges and reduce its complexity. We ensure our customer timely delivery and the quality of the product is preserved during shipment because we have highly trained logistic personnel, who follow proper transportation process and efficient procedures for storing, loading, and shipping the products.

We provide special attention in temperature-sensitive packaging with temperature regulator. High-tech monitoring minimizes temperature fluctuation. This proactive management will ensure the final delivered product has intact its quality during shipment and reach to our customer.

Special caretaking for liquid clinical samples and biological packaging. A watertight receptacle is used and an absorbent material surrounded in it for sealing purposes. Then put it in a plastic bag or container before inserting it inappropriate outer packaging.

An adequate understanding of country-specific rules and regulations

The rules and regulations for shipping pharmaceutical products vary from country to country. Depending upon the nature of the product, regulatory bodies set standard regulations, which are already established.

Standard best packaging practices for fragile goods are strictly followed for shipping the typically expensive, high-tech medical machinery or medical equipment such as MRI parts. We follow Hazardous Materials or Dangerous Goods Regulations and select the appropriate mode of transportation for shipping biological and clinical samples.

We not only taking care of maintaining the quality of the product but also practicing guidelines in terms of safety and efficacy by preventing product spoilage or theft.

Temperature maintenance through delivery

A critical challenge of pharmaceutical product shipment is the maintenance of temperature, which does not mean just keep the product cool, but maintain the exact temperature throughout the shipping.

Small temperature fluctuation can cause spoilage of the product. It is also an important consideration, that likes to increase heat, the low temperature can also spoil the product.

Cold chain shipment requires constant refrigeration temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. Moreover, any additional requirement can also take care of during shipment.

We follow all the additional requirements according to the guideline in case of international shipment.

Temperature-controlled packaging (TCP).

Many pharmaceutical products require TCP. We use pre-qualified TCP which has been thoroughly tested and validated to maintain a specific temperature range for a particular period. Depending upon the requirement and budget decided by pre-discussing with the client, we select TCP, which may be passive, active, or hybrid.

A corrugated box packed with dry ice or gel pack along with foam or packing peanuts for cushioning and a leak-proof bag and absorbent material are altogether provided Passive TCP.

Active TCP is more complex which contains lithium batteries operated thermostat-controlled refrigerated containers. A combination of both passive-active TCP is termed as Hybrid systems. We also offer custom packaging that provides multiple levels of protection.

Track and monitor your medical shipments

The pharmacist can track and monitor the shipment details. Our packaging is embedded with a temperature-monitoring device to overcome the issues related to unexpected transportation interruption due to sudden weather or any accidental event, customs delays, or security inspections.

This proactive planning reduces the risk of product spoilage due to temperature fluctuation.