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What is Cancer? and the treatment options

What is cancer?

What is Cancer? Tumor progression, a primary triggering factor of cancer is influenced by genetic and epigenetic abnormality. A malignant [...]


 Rare cancer types

rare blood types and cancer

Rare cancer types are classified based on the number of people affected each year. Usually, cancers that are categorized under [...]


What is Colorectal Cancer?

Colorectal Cancer.

Definition Colorectal cancer is either generated from the colon or rectum. Depending upon the origin of cancer development it can [...]


A healthy lifestyle to prevent life-threatening diseases

A healthy lifestyle

The realistic lifestyle modification with dietary measures has a preventive effect against several life-threatening diseases including diabetes, coronary artery disease [...]


Can a person live a normal life with cancer?

People who live with cancer have many health concerns including physical, psychological, and emotional factors. But patients, who have chronic [...]


Who is prone to cancer?

Some generalized risk factors make an individual more prone to cancer. The generalized risk factors include older age, individual with [...]


What Causes Cancer?

Cancer causes

Our body tissues have a tightly controlled number of cells in them. Dying old cells and replacing them with new [...]


What do I need to tell my doctor before starting the Cancer treatments?

What I need to tell my doctor before starting the Cancer treatments?

After a diagnosis of cancer, cancer patients and their family members play an important role in decision-making about cancer treatment. [...]


What are the possible side effects of the cancer treatments?

Cancer treatment side effects

Many side effects are associated with cancer treatment because of the damaging of healthy cells. The side effects can vary [...]