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A Melanoma vaccine is under development

Dynamic immunotherapies are not a novel idea. Longer than a century prior, William B. Coley infused live streptococci into sarcoma [...]


First Alzheimer’s drug approved by FDA

first alzheimer's

Aducanumab is the first drug for Alzheimer’s disease that recently received FDA approval. Aducanumab has got FDA approval on7th June [...]

Medical Pharmaceutical

Understanding the drug side-effects

Understanding the drug side-effects

Every country has its own drug regulatory body that evaluates the risk-benefit ratio before giving the market approval. The benefit [...]

Cancer Classification

Antineoplastic classification

The antineoplastic or anticancer medicines have vast diversity. In general these medications have limited use but play significant role in [...]


Testicular cancer and treatments

The testicles are a pair of egg-shaped male sex glands that produce testosterone hormone and sperm. Germs cells present within [...]

Cancer Covid-19

Covid-19 and cancer patients

covid and cancer

Scientists are updating their knowledge about coronavirus with evolving of the COVID 19 pandemic. Medical experts have noticed that older [...]

About Covid-19

Covid-19 Support medication and vaccinations

Covid-19 Vaccination and medications

Several medicinal products and vaccines have been discovered and some are undergoing clinical trials to evaluate their safety and efficacy [...]


Pain management in Cancer

Cancer pain management

Cancer does not always generate pain symptoms. But the pain in cancer can manage by medicine or other treatments. The [...]