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How Can I get cancer medicines that are pending FDA approval?

how to fda unapproved med

The FDA approved drugs are having safety and efficacy confirmation for the intended use. But getting approval from the FDA [...]

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How to access special medication that is not available in your country?

access special medication

The commercially approved medicines which are not available in-home country can be accessible by approaching a Named Patient Program (NPP). [...]

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Understanding the drug side-effects

Understanding the drug side-effects

Every country has its own drug regulatory body that evaluates the risk-benefit ratio before giving the market approval. The benefit [...]

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 Where to find ipilimumab if not available in the home country?

ipilimumab 50

Ipilimumab is primarily used for metastatic melanoma treatment. But a discrepancy exists in the global availability of this innovative medicine.  [...]

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What are Blincyto and its uses?

Buy online Blincyto uses side effects

Blincyto is bispecific immunotherapy used to treat B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a type of blood cancer. Blinatumomab is the [...]

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ipilimumab 50

ipilimumab 50

What is ipilimumab 50? Ipilimumab is a generic medicine classified under monoclonal antibodies. In 2011, the US Food and Drug [...]

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Things to consider for secure sourcing

Supply of pharmaceutical products for serious and life-threatening diseases is a huge task by critically taking care of patient safety [...]