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Supply of pharmaceutical products for serious and life-threatening diseases is a huge task by critically taking care of patient safety at every step of the supply chain is the utmost requirement for securely sourcing pharmaceutical products. Therefore, organizations that are committed to supplying pharmaceutical products must ensure safe access to the medicines to their patient when they need them.

Illegitimate Pharmaceutical product supply can cause public health to threaten. the term illegitimate used in Pharmaceutical products supply in case of forged, adulterated, nonspecific, or unlawfully imported the products. These consequences significantly affect patient safety and create a global threat. Such type of product supplies is neither safe nor effective. These have considerable negative implications for public health. Therefore securely sourcing pharmaceutical products are very important for maintaining overall public health globally.

How To Avoid Illegitimate Pharmaceutical Products

The following are some security strategies to avoid illegitimate pharmaceutical products and ensuring the legitimate supply of authentic medications to patients. 

•             Continuous assessment of the security checking procedure of the pharmaceutical products. 

•             Special caretaking in packaging material and printing techniques.

•             Serializing technique applies to products to prevent adulteration as well as for easy detection of illegitimate products.

•             Close surveillance averts suspicious product sources

•             Acquiescence of all governmental rules and regulations related to pharmaceutical crime laws

•             In collaboration with government, taking actions to identify and prosecute illegitimate pharmaceutical products

•             Stringent rules and regulations followed during working with suppliers and customers to secure our distribution channels.

What is serialization and how it helps in securing the supply chain?

Serialization is generating a unique identification of serial numbers which acts as a security code. Serialization is conducted under a proper technological support system so that it can provide protection to the patients, products, and company reputation against illegitimate drugs being introduced into the supply chain.  For this Pharmaceutical product supply company should closely work with Governmental officials, key stakeholders across the Pharmaceutical industry, for successful and timely implementation of this technology.

Protection of patients and other stakeholders

Healthcare Professionals

Be cautious of unknown or new distributors who propose substantially lower prices for product supply.

Select legitimate and licensed distributors to purchase medicine. Contact specifically authorized distributors for purchasing Pharmaceutical products that require special storage and handling. 

Healthcare professionals must aware of prescribed or dispensed drug specifications. Give special attention and take the necessary action by informing distributor or other authorized organizations in case of any alteration of labeling or packaging, or unsealed containers.

Thoroughly check the product insert along with the batch number, expiry, and manufacturing dates. In case of any doubt contact with supplier or company professionals for verification.

For Patients

Cautiously deal with online pharmaceutical product purchasing. Always select legitimately licensed pharmacies that have the legal authority to sell the product nationally.

Ensure the specifications of external packaging, product labeling, and product inserts along with other labeling details like batch number, expiry, and manufacturing dates.

Give special attention and take the necessary action by informing distributor or other authorized organizations in case of any alteration of labeling or packaging, or unsealed containers.

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