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about Cancer chemotherapy

Side effects of chemotherapy

chemotherapy side effects

Chemotherapy is a medical treatment that uses powerful chemicals to kill the rapid growth of cells in your body. Chemotherapy [...]

about Cancer CAR T-cell

CAR T-cell therapy in Cancer

t-cells cancer

What are CAR T cells? CAR T cells are the equivalent of ‘providing patients with a living cure.’ As its [...]

Allergies Pet

Pet and allergy

Pet allergies are common, especially in people with other allergies or asthma. In the United States, up to three in [...]

about Autoimmune Cancer

Autoimmune diseases and cancer

Autoimmune diseases are often associated with cancer, and conversely, some malignancies are also associated with an increased risk of developing [...]

about Cancer Microplastic

Microplastic and Cancer

Microplastics are plastic particles with a diameter of fewer than five millimeters. They come from a variety of household items [...]

about Cancer Weight gain

Weight and Cancer

A general overview of weight gain and cancer An increased level of fat deposition in the body leads to weight [...]