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Genetic predisposition and hereditary cancer syndromes

Cancer and Genetics

Modern medical oncology is increasingly incorporating cancer genetics into its practice. Targeted efforts in cancer surveillance and prevention may be [...]

about Cancer Eyesight

Eyesight in Cancer

Eyesight in Cancer

Sudden loss of vision or blurred vision is a common sign of vision change that occurs in eye cancer. Apart [...]

about Cancer Emergency

Medical services and cancer emergency

Medical services and cancer emergency

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide and has a greater impact on poor and developing nations. This [...]

about Cancer Seasonal fever

Seasonal fever and cancer

Pic for Seasonal fever and cancer

The elements that winter brings make everyone more likely to get the flu and the common cold. These suggestions can [...]

about Cancer Organ transplant

Organ transplant in Cancer

Organ transplant in Cancer

Many patients with end-stage organ failure can only live a little longer with an organ transplant. Since its inception, this [...]

about Cancer Insomnia in Cancer

Insomnia and Cancer

About half of cancer patients have a chronic sleep problem which is clinically termed as insomnia. Sleep disorders that are [...]

about Cancer Taste buds

Taste buds and cancer

The tastebuds’ oro-sensory detection detects the flavor of any food. Neuronal pathways are also triggered by taste, preparing the body [...]

about Blood coagulation Cancer

Blood coagulation and cancer

Blood clotting needs immediate medication attention otherwise it leads to a serious health condition. Cancer patients and even those who [...]

about Cancer Sweating and cancer

Sweating and cancer

When a person has cancer, one of the symptoms they might witness is night sweats. These can be as a [...]

about Cancer

Do blood replacement works in Blood cancer?

Overview Blood replacement can viable via bone marrow transplant. A bone marrow transplant is a scientific remedy that replaces your [...]

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