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Plasma therapy in cancer

Plasma remedy is a pretty new subject that grew from studies on the utility of low-temperature (or bloodless) atmospheric plasmas [...]

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Uric acid and cancer

As per 2021 examination, ordinary uric acid levels in the blood range from 2.4 to 6.0 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) [...]

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Why cancer keeps coming back after treatment?

Recurrent cancers begin involved with most cancer cells that the primary remedy didn’t completely do away with or destroy. This [...]

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Mitochondria and pancreatic cancer risk

Mitochondria are the primary energy production and storage site in the human cell. Moreover, mitochondria also take part in cancer [...]

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How to manage medication needs in cancer?


The oncologist under whom patient treatment is going usually understands which types of medications are required for the patients. Depending [...]

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Why cancer occurs?

Cancer growth and progression are not a single reason-centric, but multiple factors jointly responsible for the occurrence of this deadly [...]

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Can immunity boost the fight against cancer?

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that boosts the immune system to fight against cancer. The immune system is our body’s [...]

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Cancer and antibodies 


Antibodies are created normally by your body and assist the resistant framework with perceiving microorganisms that cause illness, like microscopic [...]

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Brain cancer and treatments

Side effects of a brain cancer can be general or explicit. An overall side effect is brought about by the [...]

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Cancer and surgery

Surgery in cancer

Surgery is a conventional treatment for several types of cancers. The surgical intervention is referred by the doctors for the [...]

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