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Cancer Management

Cancer management in elders

One of the risk factors of cancer growth and progression is aging. With increasing age, the body becomes vulnerable to [...]

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Do a baby can get affected of cancer if the mother has it while pregnant?

Cancer during pregnancy is rare. Cancer itself once in a while influences the developing embryo (unborn child). At the point [...]

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Is cancer hereditary?

Cancer is a common disease. There are 5% to 10% hereditary connections obtained in cancer progression. This indicates a history [...]


Cancer Management in Children

Depending upon the type and stage of cancer, cancer management in children varies. The staging of cancer depends upon the [...]


Childhood Cancers

cancer in children

What is childhood cancer? Children can develop cancer in any part of the body like lymph nodes, blood, brain, spinal [...]

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Cancer treatment breakthroughs

breakthroughs in cancer

The gradual understanding of the immune system, genetics, and cancer pathology steadily improves cancer treatment options and discovers novel diagnostic [...]

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Country wise best cancer treatment options

Surrogacy Globally

Cancer is not a particular organ-specific disease, but it can affect the whole body from starting at the small cell [...]