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Immunotherapy for cancer treatment

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that activates the immune system to fight against cancer. The immune system is our body’s [...]

Import Pharmaceutical

What Documents are required when the pharmaceutical product arrives in your country

Almost every country across the globe import pharmaceutical products from overseas countries. The importer needs to take responsibility to fulfill [...]

about Breast cancer Cancer

New treatment options to treat breast cancer

Breast cancer treatment is continuously evolving and provides improved treatment outcomes. Advanced breast cancer treatment options are more targeted and [...]

about Cancer Drugs

Who is eligible to order orphan drugs online and how to get it?

Different countries have their policy that decides the criteria for orphan drug buying and selling. People suffering from individual rare [...]

about Cancer

Participating in early stage cancer treatment research

Currently, people are living longer because of successful cancer treatments that are the result of previous clinical studies. Doctors use [...]

And Cancer Nutritional deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies and cancer

Diet is assessed to add to around 33% of preventable malignant growths — about a similar sum as smoking. Insufficient [...]

Cancer Covid-19

How covid affected cancer patients?

Scientists are updating their knowledge about coronavirus with evolving of the COVID 19 pandemic. Medical experts have noticed that older [...]

Cancer Covid-19 Mutation

How new covid varient “omicron” may affect cancer treatments?

Multiple genetic mutations of COVID-19 give birth to a new variant ‘Omicron’. Omicron is a new challenge for a medical [...]

about Cancer Diet

Can a diet plan stop cancer from spreading?

Diet cannot completely stop cancer from spreading after the development of cancer. But the dietary measure has cancer preventive and [...]