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Diet is assessed to add to around 33% of preventable malignant growths — about a similar sum as smoking.

Insufficient admission of fundamental nutrients and minerals may clarify the epidemiological discoveries that individuals who eat just limited quantities of leafy foods have an expanded danger of creating disease.

Late trial proof shows that nutrient and mineral lack can prompt DNA harm.

Improving nutrient and mineral admission by empowering dietary change, multivitamin and mineral enhancements, and bracing food varieties may in this way forestall malignant growth and other constant illnesses.

Intense lacks of nutrients and minerals are uncommon in evolved nations, yet imperfect supplement admission — not exactly the suggested day-by-day remittance (RDA) — is a far-reaching issue.

  • Research demonstrates that significant metabolic harm can in any case happen when supplement admission levels fall underneath the RDA — even though they probably won’t cause intense illness.
  •  Proof shows that inadequacies of iron and zinc, and the nutrients folate, B12, B6, and C, can cause DNA harm and lead to disease.
  • New creature bioassays of wholesome inadequacies are required, especially for concentrating on disease.
  • Decreased folate admission has been related to malignant growth. Folate, B6, and B12 lacks cause the fuse of deoxyuracil into DNA, prompting DNA breakage, and could advance tumorigenesis.
  • The relationship between nutrient and mineral insufficiencies and disease is very perplexing. An incorporated examination of the discoveries from epidemiological, creature model, metabolic, and mediation studies, just as from hereditary polymorphism research, is required.
  • Ways to deal with taking out micronutrient lacks incorporate further developing an eating routine, bracing food varieties, and giving multivitamin and mineral enhancements.

Anticipation systems, for example, could fundamentally affect malignant growth and general wellbeing, with the insignificant danger being implied.

Nutritional recommendation

A grape seed extract has an inhibitory effect on cancer cell growth.

Obesity increase the risk of cancer, grapefruit has an anti-obesity effect and can assist to prevent cancer by controlling obesity.

Vitamin E, Vitamin C, lycopene, selenium, alpha-carotene, beta carotene, and other antioxidant-rich fresh fruits and vegetables fight against cancer cell growth.

In addition, it has been also found from different nutritional recommendations that omega 3 fatty acids, quercetin, genistein, fiber-rich, and low fat-containing foods also have cancer-preventing actions, including stomach cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.

Wheatgrass juice has a remedial effect against cancer, especially for cancer patients who are treated under radiation therapy.

Green tea has an anti-angiogenesis effect and shrinks the malignant tumor.

Ascorbic Acid Flush

Vitamin C-rich dietary items like calcium ascorbate or Ester-C with a dose of 1000 mg for adults and 250 mg for children add into a cup of water and drink the juice with a half an hour interval till diarrhea occurs.

From this calculate the dose which can promote diarrhea and reduce one unit of the dosing and keep continue to take the remaining dose for the next two to four days with four hours intervals.

This process can perform once a month to excrete all the internal toxins. This can prevent cancer risk.

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