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Almost every country across the globe import pharmaceutical products from overseas countries.

The importer needs to take responsibility to fulfill all the formalities required to import products from foreign countries, which include fulfilling the requirements of import procedures, custom clearance procedures, etc.

However, some of the pharmaceutical product import is restricted or prohibited in some countries.

If such products require to import for exceptional condition, then special permission requires to take from Government.

Apart from this, the general rules and regulations to import any pharmaceutical products are discussed in the following section.

General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT) is the globalization of trade, which makes uniform formalities and requirements for almost all countries to import Pharmaceutical products.

In addition to GATT, country-specific additional requirements may be added to import pharmaceutical products. 

Government registration to import pharmaceutical products

Registration from the Government requires to be an importer in the country who has the authority to import.

The respective country has its own Foreign Trade government office from where the importer gets the authorization document to import pharmaceutical products.

For example, Import Export Code (IEC) number is generated in the Director-General of Foreign Trade office in India.

The IEC number is essential for Indian importer and exporter to operate the import and export of any Pharmaceutical products.

One time procedure is required to obtain IEC number, but renewal from the foreign trade office of a country needs to continue before the ending date of terms and conditions to continue the business.

Currently, digitalization makes it possible to share the link of registration for importer-exporter with customs location and reserve bank for online service.

Similarly, the importer of Pharmaceutical products also needs to get in touch with the concerned department of government agencies of the importing country to confirm the requirements for verification number for registration purposes, it requires.  

Special requirements to import Pharmaceutical products

Depending upon the Pharmaceutical products variety the process and formalities to import the product varies from country to country because every country has its specific rules and regulation.  

But the following are some general rules which require in almost every country.

Wildlife protection certificate

A certification requires from Wildlife protection department of importing countries to import pharmaceutical products.

No objection certificate (NOC) from drug controller

Countries governmental regulation insists to obtain NOC from the Drug controller of importing countries to import pharmaceutical products.

Origin of imported Pharmaceutical products certification   

All most every country requires the origin of imported Pharmaceutical products certification.

The exporting country has its necessary approved authorities who issue a certificate of origin to import Pharmaceutical products.

Certificate of origin is the authenticate document that addresses the exemption on import duties and taxes of the imported Pharmaceutical products.  

Certificate of Origin is the main verification of the country of origin of importing products under Pharmaceuticals.

Depending on this certificate unilateral, multilateral and bilateral agreement can be made between countries which allow imports and exports with exemption of import duties.  

Procedures to import Pharmaceutical products

A mutual agreement is fixed between the importer and supplier on terms and conditions applicable to import sale before shipping the import Pharmaceutical products.

Some of the important terms and conditions are pricing, payment milestone, quality specifications, delivery terms delivery, mode of transport, and other terms and conditions.

The agreed terms and conditions are mentioned in the purchase order when importing Pharmaceutical products.

Depending upon the foreign trade policy of the respective importing country, importer directly or importer’s customs broker need to complete necessary import documentation and customs clearance procedures.

Other important documents such as a certificate of origin, import entry documents along with carrier’s document (Lading Bill  /Airway bill), packing list, commercial invoice, and other necessary documents (if any) are needed to file up For importing Pharmaceutical products. Compulsory import procedures are completed to take the delivery of imported goods under Pharmaceutical products.

In the present time, all the necessary forms fill up is possible through online along with necessary information is also obtained from internet service.

However, every document needs to filing up appropriately to avoid any discrepancies during the inspection, assessment, or delivery of import of goods at destination customs location.

Prior notice to importing country

The importing country usually needs prior notice regarding the arrival of imported Pharmaceutical products in the entry port and this necessary document must be filed before the product reach the home country.

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