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What are the possible side effects of the cancer treatments?

Cancer treatment side effects

Many side effects are associated with cancer treatment because of the damaging of healthy cells. The side effects can vary [...]


Medical tests to confirm cancer

cancer tests

The reason to visit a cancer center or oncology clinic may due to the presence of concerning symptoms or screening [...]


Medical support for cancer patients

Medical support for cancer patients

Cancer and its treatment have symptoms and side effects which not only affect physical health but also hurt the emotional, [...]


Pancreatic Cancer symptoms causes and treatment

The origin of pancreatic cancer is the pancreas, an assisted digestive organ. This organ primarily releases digestive enzymes to help [...]


Best country for Cancer treatments

best country for cancer treatments

The incidence of cancer is increasing day by day. Data obtained in 2018 reported that more than 18 million people [...]


 Why are cancer treatments costly?

Cancer treatments are costly

Cancer treatments are costly. Variety of factors involved to treat this disease and the following are certain reasons that make [...]


Leukemia treatment options

leukemia treatment

A medical team with multi-disciplinary specialists work together to treat cancer patients. Apart from doctors, oncology nurses, physician assistants, dietitians, [...]


Stages in cancer

Cancer staging helps to understand the location of cancer, tendency to spread and affect other organs of the body. A [...]


Organic food vs inorganically grown food and Cancer?

Producing organic food items through agriculture and manufacturing does not allow to use of genetically modified organisms, synthetic pesticides, and [...]


How cancer affects your fertility?

Cancer and fertility

Fertility can be defined as normal sexual activity, ability to conceive and give birth to a child. But cancer and [...]

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