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 How cancer affects your mental state?

Cancer and mental state

Diagnosis of cancer devasted the patient’s mental condition. The fear of uncertainty about the treatment outcome often creates psychological pressure [...]


How cancer cells interact with the body?

Human body and cancer cells

Tumor progression, a primary triggering factor of cancer is influenced by genetic and epigenetic abnormality. A malignant tumor is usually [...]


Cancer and stem cell therapy?

stem cell therapy and cancer

Surgical intervention and chemotherapy do not always provide the successful result to treat metastatic cancer and reoccurrence becomes a common [...]


 Is any type of cancer can be transmitted from human to human?

Can cancer transmit?

Cancer is not a contagious disease. Therefore, the scope of transmitting cancer from a patient to a healthy person is [...]


Natural therapies for cancer patients?

Natural therapy for cancer

There are many novel natural therapies are evaluated to minimize the incidence rate of cancer. The following therapies are practically [...]

Cancer Skin

Skin cancer and medications

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer usually locally developed malignant growth originated from the superficial skin layer, epidermis due to excessive UV ray exposure [...]


What is Chemotherapy?

Infusion Chemo Therapy

One of the most common cancer treatments is chemotherapy which is simply called chemo. In chemotherapy, drugs are given to [...]


Cancer and age factor?

Cancer and age factor

Age is a calculation of completed units of time. Age is considered as an epidemiological risk factor for cancer development. [...]

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