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The incidence of cancer is increasing day by day. Data obtained in 2018 reported that more than 18 million people across the globe had developed cancer. Among them, more than nine million died due to this fatal disease. Cancer is considered the reason for one in six deaths and one of the leading causes of premature death. But many of the countries are not medically prepared enough to fight against this disease. Index of Cancer Preparedness, a new unit under the Economist Intelligence investigated that the state of readiness against the global cancer epidemic. Although high economic countries have higher cancer incidence. But it warns low- and- middle-income nations about the rapid spreading of the disease.

Top countries in the index

According to the index of cancer preparedness, Australia is placed in the topmost position in the preparation of policy and planning for cancer research. The cancer mortality rate in Australia is the lowest among the other parts of the world. The incidence of certain types of cancers like skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, bowel and lung cancers are high in Australia. However, some parts of Australia also have a weak infrastructure in cancer treatment services.

European countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK also take the top positions in the index of cancer preparedness. However, Australia is rated best for policy and planning, Japan scores the highest position in cancer care and delivery, whereas Sweden is best in the health system and governance.

But apart from Western countries, India, Turkey, and South Korea come under affordable countries for cancer treatment. The Indian healthcare system has followed international protocol to treat cancer patients. The country offers quality treatment with the best value for money. All the advanced medical equipment like MRI-3 Tesla, PET- CT are used for tumor diagnosis. Robotic surgery, radiotherapy True-beam treatment options are also present in leading Indian cancer institutes. However, the treatment cost is almost 70% less in comparison with European countries.

Developing countries and cancer treatment 

Research for the index reported that cancer incidence is increasing in the developing world. Several types of cancer incidences are high in developed countries. But these cancers will spread to developing nations shortly. But in such countries healthcare system is struggling to cope up with the increasing risk of cancer because of high population. Currently, the index survey report stated that the low or middle-income nations almost possess 59% of cancer cases, but in near future global cancer death rate will be 71% due to the lack of cancer treatment facilities in these countries.

The liver cancer rate significantly increasing in Egypt. World Health Organization reported that almost half of the Egyptian men are a smoker and quarter Egyptian population lead a physically inactive lifestyle and people are overweight. However, it is necessary to mention that Egypt is highly focused on cancer research activities. But according to the index of cancer preparedness highlights Egypt is at the lower end, a shortage of trained cancer treatment staff, low levels of political will, and cross-sectoral action to tackle cancer are major limitations in this country.

Researchers stated that increased investment in healthcare along with improved organization and resources are of utmost need to cope with the increasing rate of cancer in low or middle-income nations. Every country requires a national cancer control plan that must be actionable. Periodic monitoring needs to check for analyzing the success of treating and preventing this disease.


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