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A brain tumor is an abnormal cell growth that generates a mass in the brain. A brain tumor is of different types. Some are benign (noncancerous) and some are malignant (cancerous). The formation of a tumor can start from the brain itself is a type of primary brain tumor. Moreover, the development of cancer from the other parts of the body can spread as brain tumors (metastatic). The rate of brain tumor growth is significantly varied. The growth rate and brain tumor site influence the associated neurological dysfunction. The doctor decides the treatment plan depending upon the type and location of the brain tumor/s.


The size, type, location of the tumor along with the patient’s general health condition and preferences are considerable factors for treatment planning in brain tumors patients.


Doctor prefers to remove the brain tumor if the location of the tumor is as accessible to operate. Small and easy to isolate brain tumors from the surrounding tissues can completely remove through surgical intervention. But surgery becomes risky in the case of the brain tumor located on the sensitive area of the brain. In such a condition, the doctor removes as much as the tumor part can be removed safely. This partial removal of brain tumors can help to reduce the sign and symptoms associated with the severe condition.
Surgical intervention has some possible risks like infection and bleeding. Apart from these general risk factors, the basis on the location of the tumor other problems may occur after surgery. For example, loss of vision due to tumor location overlaps with the optic nerve.

Radiation therapy

A high-energy beam of X-rays or protons in radiation therapy is given to kill the tumor cells. Most commonly external beam radiation is used from a machine exterior from the body in radiation therapy. But in a rare instance, brachytherapy can also recommend by the doctor as radiation therapy. In this, radiation places inside the body near the brain tumor of the patient.

The external beam can only focus on the particular area of the brain where the particular tumor is located or sometimes it applies to the entire brain. The radiation usually applies to the entire brain when cancerous growth from other parts of the body is spread to the entire brain.

Conventional radiation treatment utilizes X-beams, yet a novel type of this therapy utilizes proton radiates. Proton beam treatment permits specialists to control the radiation all the more accurately. It very well might be useful for treating brain tumors in pediatric patients and tumors that are extremely near the sensitive areas of the brain. Proton beam treatment is not widely used as conventional X-ray radiation treatment has used.

Adverse effects of radiation treatment rely upon the type and dose of radiation the patient gets. Fatigue, scalp irritation, hair loss, headaches, and memory loss, are some common side effects associated with radiation.

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