Can cancer be cured by 100%?

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Can cancer be cured by 100%?

There is no assurance of complete cancer cure. In some cases, cancer cells remain after treatment, and that triggers recurrence or relapse of cancer. Clinically cancer is considered as cured when after 5 years no cancer cell is detected. This means, after the first cancer detection and treatment no recurrence or relapse of cancer occurred within 5 years period.

Some experts do not believe in cancer cure as the risk of remission or the chances of cancer return can possible even after the completion of the initial phase of treatment. However, medically a cancer patient who lives cancer-free 5 years after diagnosis and treatment is considered as better recovery.

Cancer detection always raises a question about the scope of survival. Doctors usually perform a statistical analysis to answer this question. However, statistical data can only help to predict but is unable to provide the actual outcome of the treatment. Survival statistics are based upon different factors that often depend upon individual patients; for example:

  • Type of cancer
  • Cancer stage
  • Age
  • Period

Although, cure of cancer is not guaranteed some types of cancers have a greater incidence of recovery. Following are different cancers that have a better recovery. However, 100% cure is not possible even in the following cases.

Prostate Cancer

In 99% of cases with prostate cancer, people are alive 5 years after the diagnosis of the disease. Prostate cancer is very slow-growing and often no treatment require because the criticality of the condition is negligible. But in a rare instance, prostate cancer spread to other parts of the body because of its metastatic form. In such cases, only 29% of the patient can live 5 years after the diagnosis of the disease. However, the scope of early diagnosis is higher in the case of prostate cancer.

Thyroid Cancer

Patients with thyroid cancer have a 98% chance to live 5 years after diagnosis. Papillary is the most common type of thyroid cancer with a slow rate of growth. The larger tumor size can also be treated by successfully remove the gland through surgical intervention. However, a patient needs to take medicine after surgical intervention to manage the thyroid hormonal level in the body. But the occurrence of anaplastic thyroid cancer provides only a 7% survival rate for 5 years.

Testicular Cancer

Patients with testicular cancer have a 95.1% chance to live 5 years after diagnosis. Testicular cancer can be treatable by removing one or both the testicles where the tumor appears. In case of tumor occurs in one testicle, and then another testicle produces enough hormones to maintain fertility and libido. But advanced stage cancer needs a combination of chemotherapy or radiation with surgical intervention. Currently, stem cell transplants also provide effective results. The 5 years survival rate is quite high i.e. almost 73% in late-stage testicular cancer.


Patients with testicular cancer have a 91.7% chance to live 5 years after diagnosis. The chances of early diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer are higher because of naked eye can gauge the changes in the appearance of the skin. If melanoma skin cancer remains on the skin surface, then the chances of cure are high after surgical removal.

Early Stage of Breast Cancer 

Early-stage breast cancer means 0 to 1 has a 99% to 100% 5 years survival rate. The advancement of medical science has obtained great treatment outcomes.





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