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Medical tourism in iNDIA

Medical tourism offers a wide range of the population to get the advantage of medical facilities throughout the world.

Medical tourism in India is a growing industry.

In 2015, the estimated market value of this industry was almost 3USD billion.

Within a small period, the Indian medical tourism industry becomes firmer and rooting faster.

Every year, people from across the globe come to India for cancer treatment and post cancer care due to cost-effectiveness and accredited medical facilities.

India is considered a convenient destination for medical tourism not only for developing or underdeveloped countries but people from developed countries also visit India for Yogic and Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments.

Opting for medical tourism in India is a fun vacation treating underlying disease conditions.

Indian hospitals are a nice blend of top-class medical expert, modern infra-structure at affordable treatment expenditure serves both national and international patients.

Following are some advantages of medical tourism in India:

  • Cost-effective treatment facilities available in India
  • Availability of highly qualified, experienced, and skilled doctors
  • Modernized medical equipment and top-notched infrastructure.
  • No language barrier
  • Attractive tourist destinations

Advantages of treating in Indian Clinical facilities 

  • Maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Qualified healthcare team
  • Cost saving treatment
  • Availability of a number of world-class medical facilities
  • Indian medical industry jointly worked with the tourism industry to provide cost-effective facilities to people across the globe.
  • Indian medical care evolving and match the popular trend of treatment
  • The insurance company also allows treatment coverage in India

Cancer treatment is critical as the right diagnosis, intervention of proper treatment and immediate medical attentions are essential for improving patient condition.

In India, adequate medical facilities do not available widely, especially in villages and small towns.

Therefore, cancer patients from such areas need to travel to nearby facilities that may situate in metro cities.

In such conditions, medical tourism is important to serve these patients.

Opting for medical tourism facilities helps patients to avoid long queues, prolonged waiting hours, psychological and financial distress.

In India, Mumbai Oncocare Center takes initiative for medical tourism supports to serve cancer patients from distant places.

With the help of medical tourism facility, Mumbai Oncocare Center offers the right treatment at right time to such patients.

They are released of ques and waiting hours. Patients can get cancer treatment from highly qualified doctors in a state-of-the-art facility at a reasonable cost.

Cost-effective and economical cancer medicines in a daycare setup always work out for cancer patients in such medical centers.

Some of the Indian cancer hospitals under government undertaking offer subsidies and hefty discounts to cancer patients out.

However, in such hospitals patient flow is heavy, and often waiting period is much more than private organizations.

Highly qualified doctors and state-of-the-art facilities available in Indian metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi offer them the most efficient treatment interventions in a cost-effective manner that not only national but international cancer patients also.

Every year, many international patients are traveled back to their hometown after treating their cancer from Indian medical facilities.

Cancer treatment options in India

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, surgical cancer removal, bone marrow therapy are different widely used cancer treatments available in India.

Cancer care centers also have the facility to provide hormonal therapy and a combination of the aforementioned therapies to improve patient survival rate and quality of life.

Cancer treatment cost in India

Indian cancer centers offer quality medical services at a minimal cost. India offers almost half of the cancer treatment cost compared with Western countries, though the available treatment is similar level available in different developed countries USA, UK, UAE, and Singapore.

Patients from Nigeria and other countries often prefer to treat cancer in India.

Cancer Treatment Centers in India

Some of the renowned Indian cancer treatment centers are Tata Memorial Center, Apollo Hospitals, Medanta, The Medicity, Fortis, and Max Healthcare house.

These hospitals offer special packages to cancer patients traveling from abroad and also take care of their boarding, lodging, and food needs.

All these facilities are provided at a nominal cost.

Several miscellaneous facilities available in these hospitals are foreign money exchange, telephone service, and translator.

Indian medical tourism offers a convenient travel package for the fast-track recovery and revival of cancer patients.

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