Major reasons behind blood Cancer

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Major reasons behind blood Cancer

Yet now no medical research studies found the exact reason behind blood cancer. Blood cancer patients have been diagnosed with certain unusual chromosomes in their bodies. But chromosome does not have a relation with blood cancer progression. Blood cancer usually occurs due to RBC disorder. Medical scientists assume a combination of genetic and environmental factors play role in blood cancer progression. Therefore, no preventive measure can prevent blood cancer. However, the following are certain risk factors that may trigger blood cancer.

Blood cancer risk

Previous cancer treatment

Medical history of undergoing radiation and/ or chemotherapy for other cancer treatment may trigger blood cancer development.

Genetic disorders

A certain genetic disorder like Down syndrome has an association with an increased risk of leukemia.

Certain chemical exposure

Gasoline containing benzene and other industries where benzene is used has increased leukemia risk. 


Cigarette smoking increases the risk of acute myelogenous leukemia.

Family history 

A blood cancer history of a close family member can increase the risk of blood cancer to the next generation.

However, the above-mentioned triggering factors are missing in many blood cancer patients. And people who have risk factors may not develop blood cancer in their life span.

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